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Luthier Archtop Acoustic Semi-hollow Arpeggione Electric Gallery
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If you are a connoisseur of fine guitars, you will immediately realize this instrument is in a class of masterpieces associated with names like James D'Aquisto, John D'Angelico, Robert Benedetto and John Monteleone.
The instrument has been meticulously carved and delivers a sound both acoustically and amplified that is full, resonant and defies what you would expect to hear from such a wonderful archtop.

The bridge is the most unique design since the "Accutone" invented by Jimmy D'Aquisto. It is a magnificent piece of flawless ebony, polished to an obsidian finish. It is perfectly registered to the body of the guitar with a steel pin and both reinforces the pickguard and also assures exact replacement position in the event the bridge is removed for re-stringing or cleaning. The pick guard is the same flawless ebony and is bordered in the finest Paua Abalone, inlaid with skill that boggles the mind.

The tailpiece is without exception, the most brilliant and magnificent tailpiece I have ever seen. The string nuts are hidden under a carved arch. The tailpiece is securely affixed with a brass plate and insulated with a felt strip.
It has a single pick-up in the neck position, handwound by George using Alnico 5 magnets. The pickup is encased in ebony and inlaid with the "M" for Masterwork in Paua Abalone. The pickup is the surprise, as it delivers not only the mellow jazz sound expected, but also produces a very nice acoustic sound and when pushed hard it delivers a biting round blues tone that amazes!
This guitar is a most gorgeous and best sounding instrument I've ever owned.

James Stevenson

Luthier Archtop Acoustic Semi-hollow Arpeggione Electric Gallery