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This guitar just melted into my hands. I've been playing for 35 years+ and have never in my life experienced a guitar of this magnitude. I would be damned to hell if I could find even one fault with this axe. The first time I opened the case, after I could breath again, I flicked the pickup selector and all six strings started humming a chorus right in the case. Need I say more about sustain? Picking it up for the first time at 5.5 lbs I realized that I am not worthy to judge the sound of this Masterpiece. I think a force from above helped George build it. If you EVER have the chance to own a Gorodnitski, DO IT!

I currently own about 45 guitars and have been collecting for about the last 15 years of my 35 years of playing. TRUST ME, Gorodniski guitars are hands down the absolute best I've ever had the privilege to play. In my opinion these guitars should be selling in the 10K-15K range without batting and eye. Once again perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

Jeff Moses

Luthier Archtop Acoustic Semi-hollow Arpeggione Electric Gallery