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Luthier Archtop Acoustic Semi-hollow Arpeggione Electric Gallery
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ELITE Custom

The guitar suits my musical style completely. I like to play Jazz & Blues. I can get everything from archtop to strat to Les Paul to ES335. The guitar is semi-hollow, weighs around 5lbs and sustains forever. The pickups are very quiet, even in the single coil settings. I'm able to get virtually any sound I want from rich,full,bright,overdrive,distortion to jazz or funk. I like eveything about this guitar.
The fit and finish is (once again) about the best I've seen. A high gloss nitro sunburst finish was used. Between the finish, the wood and the inlay work I find myself stopping playing to just look at the guitar! I feel that I can depend on it but would not use any guitar on stage without a backup, just in case. I have been playing for over 20 years. Besides my Fender amps I also own a “Master” built Strat and a 'Delta Blues' guitar that I bought from the George 10 years ago. If this guitar were ever lost or stolen I would definately buy the same thing again. The thing that I love most about this guitar is that it really sounds like it was made by hand. It's the most 'musical' sounding guitar I have ever played and has a wonderful voice. The attention to detail that is spent on these guitars is unbelievable. You almost cannot believe that this work can be done by hand.

Anrew Oldfield


Luthier Archtop Acoustic Semi-hollow Arpeggione Electric Gallery